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Themed by Monique Tendencia.

Procrastination - need I say more?

  • Radiya: Staring at this history essay like its gonna write itself. Blah
  • Yasmina: wait patiently because it will write itself
  • Radiya: looool shup write it for me :-D
  • Yasmina: pay me and I might
  • Radiya: do you accept breath mints as payment?
  • Yasmina: I only accept British pounds, amazon vouchers and copious amounts of books.
  • Radiya: you have the wrong number. Please stop calling.
  • Yasmina: debt collectors will be visiting you shortly. This is your final demand notice
  • Radiya: ma'am this bus shelter is for sitting not sleeping. Please take your bin bag and move along now
  • Yasmina: lady, you are not allowed to solicit such services on the street corner. Kindly leave or you will be taken downtown to the station
  • Radiya: sir- oh i mean ma'am sorry. Please put your clothes back on, you're in public
  • Yasmina: miss you are under arrest for peeing on a national landmark and exposing yourself in front of thousands of innocent bystanders.
  • Radiya: no ma'am i would not like you're services- no please i don't care if you only charge 50p an hour
  • Radiya: your*
  • Yasmina: accusing an officer of the law of such things will only gain you more jail time. Now quietly get in the police car.
  • Radiya: Aww don't worry honey I'll help you find your way back to your mental home. Come along dear
  • Yasmina: you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do will be held against you in a court of law. Now get in the f***ing car
  • Yasmina: Radiya has been detained for multiple crimes especially random acts of aggressive public nude dancing which she says is spiritual
  • Radiya: come now ma'am you can't keep stealing officer's uniform and playing out your fantasy. Lets get you back to the mental home
  • Yasmina: excuse me impersonating an officer is a federal offence. Now pipe down or you won't get your phone call!
  • Radiya: dear put the microphone down and come into the ambulance. Yes we can go to the beach just take your medication. There's a goody!
  • Yasmina: hugs not drugs! I'm hosting an intervention for Radiya and her addiction to sniffing glue and eating her toe fluff. Please join us
  • Radiya: LOST : @yasmina__c if anyone sees her please do not approach but call the police and a cage will be delivered along with a tranquiliser gun
  • Yasmina: FOUND: @Radiya_x awkward teenager, obsessed with twlight and insists that everyone refer to her as Bella. Also believes Vampires are "real"
  • Radiya: that was poor. Bow your head in shame :-/
  • Yasmina: I do not bow to those who are not worthy of such things! Off with thy head you filthy wench!
  • Yasmina: also if this were a competition I've already won so huzzah!
  • Radiya: Nah i had you after i baited your mental illness. Bazinga!
  • Yasmina: you wish! You lost after you wrote you're instead of your. Grammatical errors incur the greatest penalties. Ask the Queen!