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My experience with horrible staff at Waterstones whilst attempting to buy books for £1.

For World Book Day in the UK, Harper Collins and Waterstones teamed up to make two young adult books £1 each. The lovely Maureen Johnson tweeted about this amazing offer on twitter so her fans could snap The Name of the Star up for £1. 

I went into my local Waterstones today with Radiya to get a copy. Straight away the sales assistant there gave me more attitude than a hormonal internet deprived teenager. I would have given up and left had it not been for Maureen, who tweeted me back immediately after I told her that Waterstones was trying to charge me full retail price.

The awful sales assistant thought I was lying when I said it should be £1 and that the author of the book was the one who told me about the offer. In her own words “that’s really dodgy!” and “how does this person have access to OUR INTRANET?!” after I told her to check her intranet for the price.

After about 20 minutes of trying to persuade the woman to check properly, she found an email telling her both books were indeed £1. 


So if you live in the UK and have a Waterstones nearby go and pick up these two books for just £1 each! Even if you aren’t going to read it, you can always give it to someone else as a gift.

I would also like to say Maureen Johnson is incredibly lovely for helping so many fans on twitter today get The Name of the Star for £1. I’m really looking forward to reading it :)

I don’t think i’ll be returning to that Waterstones for a while after this woman spoke so rudely to me. It’s upsetting that she didn’t even bother to apologise since i’m a regular customer.