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Kindle Tips And Tricks

My favourite Kindle tips and tricks listed and explained below. These are especially helpful if you’re a newbie kindle owner. Some of them are obvious, others aren’t so much! Read on, you’ll be thanking me later!

  1. Buy a Cover - and not one of those gelly protector things that rip easily! I’m talking about something durable that will offer protection for your screen as well the sides and back. Kindles are pretty flimsy, so something durable is necessary to protect it. Strangely enough, not many companies make Kindle covers (I’ve spent many a hour scouring Google and the occasional technology shop) so you’re best bet for something of quality is Amazon itself. I suggest something like what I have (available in various colours), as it both feels like a book and can be folded behind itself to save space and maximise comfort! It’s also ridiculously cheap for the quality that you get. I’ve had it for a year and it’s still going strong with no faults. This website is also pretty cool as it is the only one I have found that allows you to design your own kindle cover (I will be ordering from there soon) but I have to wonder how long the elastic will last with regular use.
  2. Make use of a Lamp - unlike some other eReaders, the kindle does not have a backlight. That means it’s impossible to read in the dark without some form of an external light. Some kindle covers come with a light attached but the good quality ones are usually expensive. Instead, I suggest buying yourself a nice reading lamp. Not only will you be able to read from your kindle, but you’ll also be able to read your other paperback books. Otherwise a candle (love to use them in winter!) or kindle cover with a reading light works just as well :)
  3. Download Calibre - Now this is one is something that requires a computer of some sort but it’s useful nonetheless. Calibre helps to organise any type of eReader by allowing you to edit the meta data of a document, add a book cover, change the format of your file (For Ms Word Docs I suggest changing them to PDF in Word and then if possible changing these PDFs to the Kindle format in Calibre, if you have fancy formatting, just leave it in PDF form) and also transfer your files on to your eReader. There are probably more uses for it that I haven’t discovered yet, but so far these features have been the most useful.
  4. Free and legal ebook download sites - Many Books and Project Gutenberg have saved me so much money for uni books! I can always find classics from my reading list on these two :) Otherwise try Amazon for the free and most popular books available on the kindle, all you have to do is log in to your Amazon account and hit download and it’ll be sent wirelessly to your kindle! Personally, I find myself looking at the free books more often on the list (particularly the classics out of copyright which are more or less always free!) but it’s interesting nonetheless. You just can’t beat a good freebie!
  5. Your kindle can do a lot more than store books! You have the ability to publish your finished book to twitter/facebook, audio book and music options, photo album facility, the ability to use the device for simple storage rather than using a usb and of course internet browsing! Explore your device thoroughly and you’ll find that there’s a lot that it has to offer!
  6. Use Kindle Shortcuts – Your kindle has the ability to take screenshots (alt+shift+g or alt+shift+h) and save them on the device for later use. There are also shortcuts to discover games, Minesweeper (alt+shift+m) and Gomuku (press G from Minesweeper screen), on your kindle! For more shortcuts, visit this website.

Hope you guys find these helpful! :)