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Hey I just found your blog through yasmina's goodreads! I kind of stayed a little too long on it today and my to-read list just got bigger.. Oh well. I just wanted to know where you guys buy your books. I see that you get lots of them on amazing sales and I'm jealous! I spent way too much of my money on books.. Thanks!
from congratuhhorrible

Hi, that’s great to hear :) We love it when our followers send us messages telling us they love our blog, it makes us feel like we’re doing something right. 

We usually buy our books from Amazon since it’s always the cheaper option but we also visit our local bookshops (mainly Waterstones) often and find books on sale (usually bestsellers). 

What genres do you like to read? 

Also thank you for the lovely message :)


thebookishdark answered your question: We’re going to hit 200 followers soon. How should we celebrate!?

send a gift to each one of your followers. i get two for making this wondrous suggestion :) also congrats :) :)

Great suggestion lol if only we could! Although we wouldn’t mind giving gifts to a couple lucky and loyal followers in the future! (What kind of gifts did you have in mind anyway?)



To anybody who we haven’t been able to thank for following us:

Thankyou for finding us and thinking we were good enough to follow! ^^

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Thank you for following and welcome to the growing family that is “Novel Nerds”.

We hope to impress you with a combinations of large words and pretty pictures.

We hope you enjoy our posts!


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We can’t believe it’s been a little over a month and Novel Nerds now has 40 followers!!!

A message to our dear Followers

I feel like we haven’t taken the time to talk to any of you yet. One of us is more or less always around, so if you have the time please leave us an ask and introduce yourself!

We’d love to talk! It can be a message about books, films, shows whatever floats your boat. :)

We don’t bite and we’re honestly not all that weird.


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Welcome to our small (but ever expanding) place on Tumblr. Books are available on loan from Yellow Room Library as long as you hold a valid library card, live in the UK and know our resident librarian personally. Refreshments will be provided for paying members (aka followers) only.

Have we said thanks for following yet? Thank you! We appreciate you following (as well as all our other followers) and hope our posts make your dashboard that little bit more interesting!

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